Amplify Your Voice & Vision

Hello! I am Kerra Bolton.

I am committed to helping individuals, organizations, and communities inspire, drive, and communicate change.

Do you want to change the world, but are gripped by fear or don’t know how to apply your skills and talents to the world’s needs? Do you lack a supportive community?

Are you a member of an organization that seeks to influence public policy changes?

Are you part of a company that wants to offer meaningful, community-based, leadership training to your team?

It may seem tempting during these uncertain times to hope things will right themselves, ride out the storm, and wait for better days to come. But the only chance at predicting the future is to shape it.

We cannot afford for you to mute your voice and your vision any longer. We need you to bring your best self and team to meet the deep challenges an opportunities in the world.

That’s why I have created a suite of tools to help you inspire, drive, and communicate, social change. We rely on results-driven approaches that help you identify and maximize your strengths, transform privilege into partnership, understand the current political landscape, and take effective action.

We are a strategic communications consultancy and online academy that helps individuals, communities, and organizations ignite, implement, and thrive in times of change.

We provide individualized and group mentorships to help women build and sustain social change; professional development and leadership training opportunities for businesses; and media and grassroots strategies for communities and non-profits.

Be the change you wish to see in the world by amplifying your vision and voice in service to the beloved community.

Professional Bio

I have two decades of experience igniting, driving, and communicating change as a journalist, political analyst, strategic communications consultant, and grassroots activist. I have served as a consultant on multiple campaigns to elect transformational candidates to state and national elected offices.

I engage people from where they are, listen for possibilities that light them up, and help them develop a strategic plan to achieve their goals. Maximizing my experiences in state government and politics, I helped social sector organizations craft and shape messages and relationships that advanced their public policy goals. I led executive retreats and trainings for organizations that value investing in their communities as well as their employees.

A “lover-fighter,” I am your trusted friend who will push you to your creative edge because I believe in your potential more than your excuses. This is my nature, whether I am working with a client or pushing for public policy to improve the lives of marginalized people. I fight for what I believe in because I love humanity (even the messy bits) and I will bring this fierce, loving energy to our work together.

Contact me to explore opportunities to create, sustain, and inspire change.