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Hello! I am Kerra Bolton.

Hello! I am Kerra Bolton.
I am committed to helping individuals, social sector organizations, and communities build and sustain an effective path to change.

Do you want to change the world, but don't know how to apply your skills and talents to the world's needs? Do you lack a supportive community?

Are you a member of a social sector organization that seeks to influence public policy changes?

Are you part of a company that wants to offer meaningful, community-based, leadership training to your team?

No worries! I have created a suite of tools to help you inspire, drive, and communicate, social change. We rely on results-driven approaches that help you identify and maximize your strengths, transform privilege into partnership, understand the current political landscape, and take effective action.

We provide individualized and group mentorships; professional development and leadership training opportunities for businesses; and media and grassroots strategies for communities and non-profits.

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