Current events in the US and world-wide emphasize the world’s great and growing need for thoughtful, effective activism at all levels, from personal connections with family, friends and community to political activism and public service.  We all have something to contribute to building a better world, but it’s not always easy for us to recognize and claim our gifts as activists and to find ways to share them with the world.


Recognizing the compelling need to guide women, especially those who wonder what they have to offer, or who know what they want to do but need help with developing and implementing an effective strategy, Nancy and I have teamed up, combining their unique strengths and talents.


We created WOKE: Changing the World by Awakening to Yourself. Based on my forthcoming book and online course, this unique, interactive workshop guides you in personal growth and in the development of your own brand of social, political or workplace activism.


In these turbulent times, our world faces grave threats and great opportunities. Now, more than ever, we need to be activist do-ers, using our strengths and talents to lead the way to a better world for all.



The world has a deep need for our strengths and talents. We don’t need superheroes. We need to be our own heroes.


Q. But what if I don’t know how to recognize, claim or share my strengths and talents?

A. Our 2-hour workshop is just right for you! We devote time to helping you discover, uncover and prepare to share your unique gifts.


Q. What if I don’t see myself as a hero or an activist?

A. We’ll share our unique take on “activism.” We’ll break it down so can see where you, your interests, strengths, talents and style, or way of being. We show you the many ways that you can be an activist. That might be within your personal life, your neighborhood or larger community, within the workplace, or at the state or national levels.


Q. I’m just one person. How am I going to change the world?

A. Rosa Parks helped to change racial segregation in the American South by refusing to give up her seat to a white person on the bus. One simple action sparked a movement. You are one person. However, you have tremendous influence, power and passion to share with the world. And in concert with other committed activists, your influence knows no bounds! We all have a choice: we can sit on the sidelines and bemoan the fate of the world or we can get in the arena and do our part to build a better world!

Where and When Is This Great Workshop?

Date/Time: Friday October 13, 1:00 -3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Where: Online, using Accessible by computer, e-device or phone.

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What Does it Cost?

The one-time, special launch celebration fee is just $25.00 per person for this two-hour workshop. This fee is non-refundable.

Register soon! Seats are limited to assure time for questions and discussion.


I’m in. How do I register?

Click here to register.

Special Offers

These offers are especially and only for WOKE participants, and are not available to others! With these offers,you can opt to work with both Nancy and me simultaneously, or individually with either Nancy or me, based on your interests and what you feel drawn to do next. You can take advantage of one, two or all three of these special offers!

Don’t Stop Now!  Two coaches for the price of one. You benefit from the synergistic combination of Nancy’s and my perspectives, experiences, education and training. You’ll have fun, you’ll learn a lot, you’ll get moving on a plan for enhancing your personal growth and your growth as an activist. What: 1.5 hour private coaching and consultation session. Value: $600.   Special Offer for WOKE Participants only: $250


Your Activist Archetype -Take A Deeper Dive!  I am offering 2, 1-hour coaching sessions for a total of $250. Together, you’ll take a deeper dive into your Activist Archetypes, devise strategies to amplify your archetype and brainstorm corresponding types of activism; develop specific strategies to work through your fears; and help you draft a 30-day plan to get you started. Value: $300.  Special Offer for WOKE participants only: $250


Nancy’s 2-session Writing for Resilience program: Nancy guides you in individualized writing exercises that strengthen resilience and well-being. You are supported in reflecting on and learning from your writing. Your discoveries form the basis of an action plan that moves you forward in creating a life of hope and possibility.  Two one-on-one sessions of 1.5 hours each. Value: $400. Special offer for WOKE participants only: $250. Bonus: At no additional charge, a copy of Nancy’s e-book, The Write Way to Well-Being Guide and Workbook, a $12.99 value.


Questions? Contact me!