How Activism Supports Your Business and Your Community

“We’re not powerless. Each of us, where we are, have everything we need to change the world.”
This is what I believe. And I had an opportunity to jam with Charlie Gilkey about it in the latest podcast episode of Productive Flourishing. 
Charlie is a dear friend and a genius at taking entrepreneurs and creative giants from where they are to where they want to be. You can check out his awesome suite of tips and tools to get you started here.
For the latest episode of Charlie’s Productive Flourishing podcast, we discussed how activism supports your business and community. Among the topics we discuss are:
  • What business activism is, and why it’s more important than ever to get involved at a social and political level.
  • How to understand the difference between volunteering (and philanthropy) and activism.
  • How you can get involved with your local politics and start to build relationships with local politicians and legislators
Please take a listen. If you like it, check out the other podcast episodes, sign up on iTunes, and leave a review.
The podcast compliments a recent post I wrote for Productive Flourishing, “How To Be a Brand Activist When You Hate Politics.” Many entrepreneurs and creatives want to be more active in their communities and take a stand on the pressing issues of our time. But how do you use your brand to make a social impact without sacrificing revenue? Where do you start? What are the risks and are they worth it?
Speaking of activism, it’s still not too late to sign up for Your Activist Path Mentorship. This exclusive, six-month mentorship will help you find your path, fill your toolbox, and take action in service of social change. You will receive self-paced, interactive modules via email every two weeks with new strategies, tools, and insights. It begins on January 15th. Space is limited.
As you begin to shape and sculpt the upcoming year, I hope you make activism a part of your plans.
We don’t just hope for a better world, we create it.